A journey to yourself


Salon K Privé:

dinner, champagne,
artistic performances,
great conversations

“An unforgettable encounter:
Salon K Privé, where art, style and extravagancy meet each other. 
The whole evening was poetic, hyperaesthetic and almost as an illusion. 
Incredible, that something like this still can be found today. 
What conférencier Patrick King and his ensamble offer would be called “Luxury-Entertainment“. One can actually escape the reality for a moment, enjoy the the beautiful sides of life and dream. One wishes that this evening never ends.
Berlin’s “Roaring 20’s“ is not lost. It is still alive in Salon K Privé.”
Il Deutsch-Italia

Imagine Cabaret meets Cirque du Soleil
and you get something like Salon K.
... something otherworldly
— New York Times
Salon K_artists_combo.jpg

Salon k privé Berlin

Salon K Privé is an event experience for those who are looking for an authentic experience where dining, entertainment and socialising come together in an intelligent elegant atmosphere. 

An artistic formula developed by Patrick King after decades of experience from Ballet, Opera, Cirque du Soleil, theatre and cabaret to create a transformative emotional journey.

A salon evening hosted by our artists to awaken your senses and to stimulate our minds and souls. Salon K Privé is an event experience created for intimate locations or private apartments for 25-75 guests.