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All of us that are part of Salon K have lived our lives constantly crossing barriers of cultures, race, language and geography. We come from USA, Sweden, Jamaica, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Japan and our backgrounds include some of the leading cultural institutions as Cirque du Soleil, Royal Swedish Ballet and Batsheva Dance Company. Between us we speak 10 languages. Our differences are what unite us, the diversity stimulates us to become more of who we are. An inclusive journey to ourselves …

Accepting the complexity and the diversity found within ourselves can help us to embrace the diversity and the complexities of the world around us. And not let fear paralyse or mobilise us towards divisiveness and hate.

Salon K Privé is the brainchild of choreographer and director Patrick King.  

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Patrick King
Founder & Creative Director

Being a black man in the white classical ballet world, King learned early that to succeed he had to create his own way of approaching his art. He had his formation in New York City in the 70’s with the leading personalities of the world of dance, meanwhile being a regular at Studio 54, meeting Diana Ross, Grace Jones and Andy Warhol.
After dancing the ballet classics in NYC, he was chosen for Alan Parker’s classic film ‘FAME’ and then left for Europe where he shared his time between performing and creating: starring and choreographing in prime time TV-shows for Italian Television RAI, while performing in galas with the stars of the ballet world, recording a pop-song, and being testimonial for Armani and Versace.

He left his celebrity lifestyle in Italy to join the leading contemporary dance company of its time, Cullberg Ballet in Sweden. After touring 5 continents his focus returned to creating for others with his appointment as Artistic Director of Skånes Dansteater, transforming a ballet company into a contemporary dance company, creating for 5 stages and rising the ticket sales with 30%.

Other moments include creating for Lillehammer Olympic Games, Venice Film Festival, the centennial of the Norwegian Monarchy, high fashion with Naomi Campbell, CeBit opening for Angela Merkel and being one of the creators and performers for Cirque du Soleil’s adult extravaganza in Las Vegas - Zumanity.

With his present base in Berlin and Salon K, King keeps his Scandinavian connections active, creating and performing for the Norwegian, Swedish and Danish Royal families for the birthday of Queen Sonia, and having in the last years created 4 sold-out successes for the Norwegian National Opera & Ballet by attracting a new public through unconventional productions that mixes ballet with hip-hop, opera with jazz and live performances with art-installations.