Entrée Request

Salon K Privé - A Sensuous Evening of Dance and Poetry, Song and Cuisine.

Imagine the artistry of Cirque du Soleil, gravity-defying ballet and sultry cabaret scaled to an intimate private salon reminiscent of 1920’s Berlin. That’s Salon K Privé, a sophisticated soirée of performance, conversation and cuisine, all fuelled by free-flowing Champagne.

Ushered to plush sofas, you encounter a coterie of sensuous creatures in gorgeous gowns and costumes. Every scene is a sensual, and smartly risqué blend of beauty, strength and aesthetics that envelopes you in realms of magic and metaphor in celebration of our shared humanity.

If you would like to join one of our Salon K Privé evenings, send us a message here below. Let us know the date you are interested in and we’ll contact you personally with information about final availability, dress code and the particularities of our Salon K Privé.

The price of the entrée is €240, including dinner and Champagne. The location is on Kurfürstendamm in Berlin West.
The exact address is revealed after confirmed booking.
The evening starts at 8pm.

Available dates:
April: Friday 12th and Saturday 20th.