A full evening affair


Using the idea of the salon as the overlying structure of the evening, the vibrant Berlin of the 1920’s inspires the atmosphere but the expressions are of the metropolitan city of today.

The evening is meticulously choreographed but is lived by the guests as if it unfolds spontaneously. Food concept is seamlessly integrated into the artistic flow and accompanied by Champagne. 

The venue is set up as an elegantly appointed private apartment without formal seating and tables, and the guests are taken on an emotional journey through dance, song, poetry and acrobatics. 

The evening includes Champagne, a three course dinner and dessert, for 25-75 guests per evening. 



“We receive a warm welcome, the champagne fizzes. We don’t really know what awaits us. Many places promise a “unique experience”; Salon K Privé really offers something incomparable.

King created an evening full of passion. Each individual performance by the artists would wow on the big stage; in this private setting they are all the more captivating.

In fact during the intervals, as delicious refreshments are served, the guests quickly get chatting. Almost like a private party.

Normally, the artists dance on classical ballet stages or at the Cirque du Soleil; here, their performance is within touching distance. There is absolutely no fear of intimacy. After the performance the guests and artists mingle together, just as they would at a private party. “

Berlin & I



“Exclusivity in an intimate atmosphere.
The Salon K Privé is artistic perfection: studied in detail,
without feeling staged.“