the salon history

Salon K Privé continues the tradition of Art & Entertainment in West Berlin. Our Privé is inspired and based on the classic Salon Experience re-interpreted for a modern public.

The Salon was an Italian invention of the 16th century which flourished in France throughout the 17th and 18th centuries. From the end of the 19th century to the Golden 1920’s-30’s the salon culture became an important meeting place for artists and intellectuals in Berlin. Often hosted by Jewish matrons they were an important part of both the intellectual discourse of the time and women’s emancipation. 

Berlin West was the heart of Art & Entertainment during the Weimar years in the area from Nollendorfplatz over to the Kurfürstendamm and heading south and West to Grünewald. Here was the pulse of Berlin. It was here in the West that many of the artists lived and created the various versions of cabaret, vaudeville and private clubs. Leading up to the 2nd World War, the severe crack-down on the Berlin night-life and entertainment by the Nazis was ‘justified’ by its freedom, accepting of social diversity and the fact that a majority of the artists and club-theatre owners were Jewish. A great tradition of cultural cross-pollination was lost or displaced.

With Salon K Privé our endeavour is to reconnect with the heritage and tradition of Art & Entertainment - Diversity & Cross-pollination at its historical roots in Berlin, bringing the historical Salon into the 21st century.