Valentine’s Day

Passion - Love - Romance


The excitement of the holidays are now over and the period of grey days and more cold weather lay ahead. That however, should not get one down. 

So what is better than getting together in a warm safe place to enjoy being alive and being human. And... it is the one of the best moments to celebrate what makes life worth living: Love.

This year’s Valentine’s day February 14th, you and your loved one (or ones…) are invited to join us for this celebration of love. Love in all its forms. The romantic, the passionate, the love for friends and family - the people we have chosen to share our lives with. Love that overcomes borders and differences.

To join us for an evening of Champagne, Dinner and performances with your special one, contact us on the Request page and write Valentine’s.


A personal celebration

30 years ago I met my husband, Mr. K that is... the creator of Salon K.
We have since then shared our lives privately and professionally.
It has been quite a ride that has taken us to many unexpected and marvellous
places and situations.
From performing in castles for Kings and Queens to starring in the Las Vegas
extravaganza Zumanity with Cirque du Soleil.
Creating for ballet and opera companies around Europe and beyond,
to exploring the world of the alternative and transgressive. 

Like all relationships we have had our ups and downs and roller coaster rides,
but we’re still here, still together and still very much in love.
And that is something we would like to share and celebrate with you.

Johan King Silverhult
Managing Director
Salon K